At Suitcase.Repair we work relentlessly to make repairing your luggage simple and affordable. To achieve this we partner with brands, airports, airlines, cruise lines, local stores and hotels to offer luggage repairs wherever possible while offering customers an exceptional service experience. Find out more below on how a partnership with Suitcase.Repair can benefit you.

Warranty & Repair Services for Luggage Brands

Providing your customers with an outstanding aftersales experience has never been easier. Partner with Suitcase.Repair to promote your brand, boost your sustainability initiative and to improve your service quality. Benefit from flexible service levels from the offering of your spare parts to the management of your warranty cases and all while reducing your cost.

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Repair Services for Airlines & Airports

The repair and replacement of damaged baggage is for many airlines and airports a time consuming and expensive process.

Suitcase.Repair Spare Part Vouchers offer an efficient solution to increase the share of items repaired while reducing the time spent on managing the cases.

On top of that we offer to end-to-end solutions for the management of the entire baggage repair and replacement service.

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Repair Services for Cruise Lines

The repair and replacement of damaged baggage is often a complicated process for cruise lines as damaged luggage can often not be repaired on board due to the wide variety of different spare parts.

With Suitcase.Repair Spare Part Vouchers your passengers can rest assured that the matching spare parts for their item is waiting for them when they return home.

Additionally, offer to end-to-end solutions to management the entire baggage repair and replacement service.

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Baggage Evaluation for Insurance Companies

Determining the repairability of a piece of luggage, the cost of repair and in case of unrepairable items the time value of the damaged product can be challenging for insurance companies.

Our data-driven evaluation approach gives you a clear answer and reliable answer to these questions allowing you to prioritize a repair when financially viable. At the same time our evaluation service helps to avoid over compensation due to inflated historical retail prices.

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Offer Luggage Repair Services at your Store

Have you ever considered offering luggage repair services at your store? While many types of repairs can be performed by customers themselves they may not feel comfortable performing the repair. Additionally, more complicated repairs require tools consumers may not always have available.

Joining the Suitcase.Repair network thereby creates a unique opportunity to earn additional revenue while gaining more exposure for your business.

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Offer a Luggage Repair Service at your Hotel

Luggage repair services can in many cases only be found at select luxury hotels and have been limited to repairing products from select brands.

With Suitcase.Repair offering a luggage repair service to your guests is very simple and does not require a lot of space or large expenditures. Offer the service exclusively to your guests or increase the awareness for your property by offering your services locally while creating a new

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